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Dec 14, 2019

I never had a blog, the idea didn't feel like something I would want to do. Now I see it is an important way to improve at writing and share my thoughts.

I'm going to write primarily about software development. Other interests can kick in as well, or just truths I have observed in life.

The content is addressed to other developers and lighter topics to people who like logical thinking.

The first goal is to defeat my inner perfectionism and write. It has been preventing me for quite a while. Besides that I would like to add at least one article every month for the next year. They don't have to be long nor have to address a complex topic.

I also plan to refurbish some of my earlier pet projects and showcase them on this site. I want to include at least one project every second month.

Please feel free to comment on posts, I appreciate your feedback. However, if you are a friend of mine, please talk to me in person instead or send me an email.

Check the About section to get to know more about me.

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